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Ironbridge Society of Artists Sends Locals Back to the Drawing Board

Ironbridge Society of Artists Sends Locals Back to the Drawing Board  in
Jackfield to host The Campaign for Drawing’s 'The Big Draw' event, 23 – 24 October 2010

Jackfield to host The Campaign for Drawing’s “The Big Draw” event, 23 – 24 October 2010.

The Ironbridge Society of Artists  is calling for residents and visitors to draw, doodle and scribble their thoughts and memories of Ironbridge Gorge as part of “The Big Draw”, a global event for The Campaign for Drawing (

Whether they haven’t picked up a pencil in years or are accomplished artists, all are being invited to take part in "The Gorge through your eyes" event being held at Maws Craft Centre, Jackfield on 23 and 24 October 2010.

“The Big Draw” is the Campaign for Drawing’s flagship event and it takes place every October.  Launched in 2000, this annual initiative has grown from 180 drawing events in the UK to over 1,500 worldwide. The month-long Big Draw season celebrates creativity and unites people of all ages, abilities and cultures through the universal language of drawing, with events taking place in national museums, regional galleries, castles, parks, schools, libraries, community centres and village halls.

The theme of the event in Jackfield is “The Gorge Through Your Eyes” and it aims to encourage locals and visitors to record their feelings, observations and memories of the Ironbridge Gorge in one long, communal drawing. The more people who attend the bigger the drawing! Participants are invited to draw, doodle, scribble, write, print and make their mark in any way they wish.

The event is free to take part in, runs from 10.00 – 16.00 on 23 and 24 October 2010 and all participants will be entered into ‘A Big Draw’ raffle to win art related prizes.

The Big Draw shows how pencil, pen, chalk or the computer mouse can inspire observation, imagination and invention.  It is the UK’s biggest free visual art programme, annually involving over 300,000 participants aged three to 93. Since 2000, The Big Draw has encouraged over two million people back to the drawing board and notched up two Guinness World records – for the longest drawing in the world (one kilometre) and the greatest number of people drawing simultaneously (over 7000). The Campaign’s ambition to get everyone drawing has won increasing international recognition with Big Draw events in New York, Washington, Boston, Vancouver, Australia, Dubai and Portugal.

“The Campaign has generated an extended national interest in drawing. It has allowed people to draw and gather together to draw, in the same way that they gather together to sing,” said Quentin Blake CBE, Campaign for Drawing Patron.

“It has brought thousands of people into our galleries and museums, many of whom might not otherwise have come; and almost more importantly, the Campaign for Drawing has, noticeably altered the relationship of these visitors with the institutions. They arrive with a purpose, their interest has a focus. This is a triumph of the best kind of accessibility - establishing the importance of drawing not only as a mode of self-expression but a tool in learning and in science and design.”

For further information on the Ironbridge Society of Artists and for details of how to get involved in "The Gorge through your eyes" event
email or call 01952 419146

For further information on The Big Draw event and the Campaign for Drawing go to

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