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Shropshire Shines In CountryFile Magazine

Shropshire Shines In CountryFile Magazine

Shropshire is currently featuring in the November issue of the BBC CountryFile Magazine with a 7 page article on the county, which was generated as the result of a press trip hosted by Shropshire Tourism.

Entitled ‘Discover how beautiful Shropshire transformed the entire World’, the article highlights Shropshire’s industrial connections as the county which changed the world forever and showcases Shropshire’s stunning countryside and delicious local produce.

The article was generated after a press trip hosted by Shropshire Tourism in August and features some of the county’s best walks, accommodation, pubs, cafes and restaurants along with an interesting section on reader’s tips showcasing some of Shropshire’s hidden gems.

To discover Shropshire for yourself a visit is a must or grab a copy of this month’s Countryfile magazine for yourself and see what Shropshire has to offer.

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