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Museum Launches Conservation Blog

Museum Launches Conservation Blog
The Royal Air Force Museum has today launched a conservation blog, enabling members of the public, aviation enthusiasts and conservators to learn more about the various projects that the Museum’s Sir Michael Beetham Conservation Centre is currently undertaking to preserve our nation’s aviation heritage.

The blog has been launched after what has been an unparalleled year of successes for the MBCC with its completion of several major projects for the Royal Air Force Museum and other museum’s around the country; the winning of ‘Small Employer of the Year’ 2010 at the National Apprenticeships Awards; and the Centre’s acceptance as a provider of training in aircraft structure, machinery, conservation, restoration, care and maintenance by the prestigious Industrial, Maritime, Aviation & Transport Technologies (IMATT) Training Scheme.

Tim Wallis, Manager for the Sir Michael Beetham Conservation Centre stated:

“This has been a busy but rewarding time for the Conservation team at the Museum’s Cosford site and we are all very proud of the accolades bestowed on us.  Moreover, the Museum frequently attracts requests from both aviation enthusiasts and our interested public, towards greater access to the Sir Michael Beetham Conservation Centre.  My team and I are not only flattered by such attention, but genuinely grateful for the interaction and information exchange that such opportunities generate.  Given the nature of our work the MBCC is of course a busy, noisy work environment, but we recognise the need and to that end, we will continue to manage our MBCC Open Weeks, twice a year, in November and March.   We hope the public will seize these opportunities to see and share in our work, to monitor our progress and appreciate fully our aviation heritage.  Why not come along to view the Wellington and our new Training Centre?”

Peter Dye, Director General of the Royal Air Force Museum said:

“Through this Blog, we aim to provide the MBCC’s many supporters with added insight into our major restoration projects such as the Wellington and (in due course) the Dornier 17 as well routine conservation and preservation tasks.

We are confident that members of the public, as well as the wider aviation community, will find the blog a fascinating insight into the Centre’s work, highlighting the wealth of talent and expertise that has properly earned the
organisation a worldwide reputation and a number of prestigious awards for its conservation work and training programmes.”

The next Sir Michael Beetham Conservation Centre Open Week will be from 15th to 20th of November, with access granted to the public from 10.15pm to 1pm daily. To access the Sir Michael Beetham Conservation Blog, please visit

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