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Marketing agency creates windows into Shropshire’s history

Marketing agency creates windows into Shropshire’s history
Striking photographs taken by a Shropshire marketing agency that create ‘windows into history’ are to be displayed during celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of Ironbridge Gorge becoming a World Heritage Site

Matm, a marketing, design and PR agency at Jackfield in the Ironbridge Gorge, created the unusual images by finding photographs taken many years ago in the Gorge, then holding them up at the same location and taking a fresh picture. By carefully matching the old with the new – the new photograph has the unnerving effect of inserting historical scenes directly into modern life.

The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust was so impressed with the 16 photographs taken by matm’s creative team, Neil Dicken and Jamie Doran, that it asked to use them to help in their anniversary celebrations. Designer Neil Dicken said: “The images create a real visual and mental double-take. The beauty of the approach is its simplicity, though the trick is to select the historical photograph that creates the most vivid match in the modern scene.

“The photographs are up to 150 years old, so allow the viewer to visualise what some of the Ironbridge Gorge looked like – hopefully they have provided a glimpse into the past.”

PR Executive Jamie Doran said: “We took both internal and external images of buildings. It is fascinating to see just how much some buildings have changed and in other cases, just how little they have changed. I particularly like the images with people in them, especially where you can see people walking from the present day, seemingly into the past.

“We were inspired by a project called ‘Looking into the Past’ by American photographer Jason E Powell. When we saw his images we realised straight away that the heritage of the Ironbridge Gorge lends itself perfectly to a similar project.

“To coin a mountaineering term, we did because it was there. To have them now displayed for thousands of people to see and, hopefully, enjoy during the anniversary celebrations is a bonus.”

The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust lent photographs from its collection for the project. The images can be viewed in the Ironbridge Tollhouse at the World Heritage Festival in Ironbridge which takes place on Saturday 24th September. The full set of photographs can also be viewed on matm’s blog:

Paul Gossage Director of Marketing & PR said: “I was thrilled to see matm using our historic collection of images in such an innovative way. Publishing the images is a great way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the World Heritage Site. I am sure they will be much enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.”

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